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​Evolution of Signs is a business that provides cultural liaison and consulting services for the Transgender, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), DeafBlind, and Deaf Communities. Evolution of Signs helps with influencing the mindset, aids with positive transformation, helps the healing process in the communities, and provides consultation.  If you are planning an event or looking for a speaker on leadership or motivation, Evolution of Signs can help. 

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Hunta is the CEO of Evolution of Signs. He has a story to tell and backs it up with a heartfelt approach that will have listeners leave with a new perception of life and the communities. Hunta speaks about racism, equality, language deprivation, LGBTQIA, and a few moments in his life that made him who he is today.  Hunta's audience will end up with a new concept of life, and an understanding of American Sign Language culture, and the BIPOC cultures.

Evolution of Signs can help reduce frustration and increase understanding through speaking engagements, webinars, workshops, training, consultation, and accessibility. Hunta helps people to connect better with employees and the community of the future.

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