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Hunta Williams


Pronoun: He/Him/They 

Available for personal appearances

and speaking engagements 

Picture of Hunta and his dog, Spot

Hunta and Spot 

(his Emotional Support Animal)

Hunta Williams, DeafBlind, hails from New York City. He has attended four different deaf schools and graduated from Lexington School for the Deaf. Hunta received a Bachelor of Science degree in culinary management at The Art Institutes International Minnesota. He furthered his education at the graduate level by achieving a Masters in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University. Professionally, he has worked as an ASL teacher, Tutor, Sign Model, Deaf interpreter, Co-Navigator, Consultation, Activist, and Sign Language Specialist.


This professional skill has also been put to use in the community, where he has provided his expertise on topics such as individual and disability rights advocacy, linguistic culture and cultural competency, sensitivity, awareness, and accessibility. As though he is not busy enough, Hunta remains active in the community. Additionally, Hunta works tirelessly with the Transgender community, Black Deaf Community, DeafBlind community, and as a Community Educator.​

In his free time, he loves to play disc golf, read, watch movies, and play sports. He enjoys spending time with his old friends, nephews, and goddaughters. The most important part of his life is his wife, Sheena Williams, along with their dog, Spot, an Emotional Service Animal (ESA). Also, he loves cooking international foods and specializes in Jamaican cuisine.

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