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Hunta's unique way of speaking and storytelling has made him have an instant connection with the audience. He leaves the audience with a lasting impression by explaining his personal stories, life experiences, and transgender journey.

Are you interested in booking Hunta for a wonderful
heart-felt Speaking Engagement for your event? View the variety of topics below of your choice, and fill out the Speaking Request Form to start the process. 

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Speak about:

>Personal life stories and self-advocate

>Stories based on traveling

>How Deaf life turns into DeafBlind life

>Transgender as a Deaf and DeafBlind



Speaks about: 


>Social Justice

>Transgender Survival

(include brief background)


Oppression .png

  Deaf/DeafBlind Oppressions

Speaks about:

>Deaf and DeafBlind Culture

>Trauma process of becoming DeafBlind from an interpreter role position 



transgender journey .png

Transgender Journey 

Speaks about: 

>Life story of being a transgender


>Experiences of barrier

>Traumatic story

>Photos/Videos (WARNING: GRAPHIC)



Speaks about:

>Experiences of trauma 

>How turned pain into healing

>The recovery process from being bullied and suicidal 


Speaking Request

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