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The Publications page is where you can learn more about the Motivational Speaker, Hunta, and Evolution of Signs. Come back from time to time as this will constantly be updated.



The Marsha P. Johnson Institute (2022)

2022 Black History Month Living Legends Honoree

Q&A with Hunta

Guest speaker gratitude post to Hunta (February 10, 2022) 

by Normandale Community College via Twitter @normandale_cc

Hunta was quoted in the newspaper StarTribune ( July 15, 2020)

Stonewall Oral History-Interview (2020)

Stonewall Oral History-Roundtable (2020)


Stonewall Oral History-Poem (2020)

University of Minnesota's Libraries UMedia (2016)

Interview with Hunta


The Naked I: Recognize/D

 An original play created by 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities 
Gender Identity/Same Person By Hunta Williams  on pages 45-46

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