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Communication Requirements

To communicate most effectively, EOS requested the host to be mindful of their background settings while on a video call or Zoom platform. If there’s a backdrop available to use during the video call or Zoom, please use a green, black, blue, or gray backdrop. Use the color that contrasts your skin tone the best.  If you do not have a backdrop, you can use the wall with minimum distractions. EOS may ask to use an alternate communication such as video relay in order for the communication to be effective. 


You are asked to make an appointment in advance if you need to talk via video. To make an appointment, leave a brief message about why you need an appointment to email  EOS will try to respond to the emails within 2 business days. 

Please follow the above communication guideline due to there being EOS workers with vision limitations or loss. Following the guideline helps the communication to be effective for everyone. The email message needs to be typed in a size 14 font in CAPS. You will be notified if more adjustment is needed. If the above communication guideline can’t be met, the appointment may need to be rescheduled, alternative options will be requested, or canceled.

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