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"Hunta Williams has demonstrated his strong ability to bring authenticity to his presentations. He deliver his powerful messages to the audience in a straightforward manner. I had the pleasure of working with Hunta Williams as a co-host for one of his workshops under the organization, Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf. If you are seeking a lecturer who is more than capable of developing honest, authentic and informal presentations with the ability to offer open dialogue and transparency, Hunta is one you want."

Christina Moreau

OCT, BA, B.Ed, M.Ed, MA

 American Sign Language Educator 

"Hunta Williams is the silent voice for his community that has a lot to teach not only the LGBTQ + community about deaf people and their struggles but to the community as a whole. Take time to listen, learn and educate yourself through the world of Hunta."

Charley Burton

   Hunta Williams | Founder

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